Harness AI Powered Marketing

Don't get left behind Use AI marketing to scale your business for less and stay ahead of the competition.

How are we different?

We have two certificates in digital marketing. One is training from Meta on how to use the Ads manager optimally, delivering ideal prospects for you and your business while keeping overhead as possible.

The Other is Master Internet Marketing. This one covers marketing strategy and psychology. It is used to hook prospects and inform them in a way that is best for converting them into clients.

The certificates allow us to deploy tools and strategies that drive the best results for your business.

Harness AI powered Marketing

Don't get left behind, use AI marketing to scale your business for less.

ZSM guarantees results with not one but two certificates. One with meta which ensures maximal exposure through the meta platforms.

Click Image for more. A high performing site make all the difference in marketing.

Web Design

A good site acts as a 24/7 sales team. At any hour of the day or night prospects can get to know your product or service better. When paired with funnel it become a powerful tool for increasing income.


Funnels tracks performance and expose where the lowest hanging fruit is. It translates data into actionable tasks to improve conversion rates for your site. Making the right adjustment means doubling or tripling your income in 30 days.

Click Image for more. A funnel exposes where effort need to be put to generate more conversions.

Click Image for more. With out DNS you company email doesn't work. A crucial step for professionalism.

Domain Name systems

Domain Name Systems (DNS) is where the site is housed so the URL takes traffic to the right destination. For this step to happen ZSM needs access to your registrar (Cloudflare, Google Domains, Squarespace, Go Daddy). This is also where your professional email is created. [email protected] has a lot of influence when you're going for a professional look.


All the background processes that happen inside the CRM can be automated. This varies from emails, texts, invoices, contact creation, Website responses payment collection the list goes on. Saving you valuable time. We set up an automated machine that handles all the contact information. You can get more done with less time.

Click Image for more. Automations save you time and money by handling the small things. Like invoices, waivers, agreements, and so much more.

Click Image for more. SEO is a great way to contact the 3% of a market ready to buy right now.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a great way to tap into the 3% market that's ready to buy now. Folks in your area wanting your service are always hot leads. Solid SEO requires a site that follow SEO best practices. ZSM with optimize your site for SEO cashing in on the 3%.

Ad Creations & Managment

Digital Marketing is the most efficient way to get people to know you & your products or services. 17% of any marketing is wanting to know more about your service. Digital marketing allows them to learn more and take action when they're ready.

Click Image for more. Digital Marketing is a good way to nurture people in the 17% of the market still collecting information about products and businesses.

Click Image for more. CRM track messages with clients so you don't have to. It also hosts the site, tracks the funnel, triggers the automations and more.

Customer Relations Manager

Inside the CRM is where the Automations and nurturing take place. It works in the background, handling menial tasks allowing you to focus on what's most important. It also houses a comprehensive list of past and present clients. Making recapture easy. Just send and email or text with an offer. They already know you, the trust is there. This is an easy way to get some capital seasonally.


Dr. Heather deSoler Ph.D

"Working with Zenith Stone Media was eye opening. We brought ZSM in for a basic site update and it turned into so much more. He redid the Domain, setup a new professional email for me and completely knocked our socks of with the site Improvements."

- Heather deSoler Ph.D

Zenith Stone Media has wowed me again and again. I've had them build multiple sites for me and setup the Automations. I couldn't begin to tell you how much time I've saved by having so much correspondence automated by Malachi. - Jerry B.

Jerry Bergthold

Cameron Campbell

He returned so much peace of mind knowing it was set up correctly. ZSM has taken me to heights I wouldn't have known. Malachi also automated 90% of nurturing and payments, all I have to do now is answer questions and send a booking calendar. - Cameron Campbell

Jerry Bergthold

Zenith Stone Media has wowed me again and again. I've had them build multiple sites for me and setup the Automations. I couldn't begin to tell you how much time I've saved by having so much correspondence automated by Malachi. - Jerry B.